In The Blink Of An Eye…

Every couple of months I have to go through Cheeks’ clothes and “change them out”. I go through all of the clothes in that size and reminisce on all of the times she got to wear that adorable outift, or sport that cute onesie. I think about how peaceful and sweet she looked in those footsie pajamas, or realize hey, she only wore that one time! This past weekend, as I folded away her now too small clothes and traded them out for yet another set of bigger clothes, it hit me at how quickly my baby will be a toddler!

Cheeks is standing and crawling now, and walking isn’t too far behind. It won’t be much longer that she’ll be content to be snuggled against the warmth of my chest, circled by the strength of my arms. She’ll have bigger and more exciting adventures with her new found sense of mobility. For so long I was anticipating this moment – the moment that she wouldn’t need me so much so that I could rest and have my hands free to do something around the house. Now that moment has arrived – it is truly bittersweet. I realize how sad I am that she no longer fits in her bouncer and swings anymore, that her clothes are no longer teeny tiny, and that I am no longer the focus of her ever-expanding world.

There are different mother-daughter adventures to be had I know…but for now, I continue to savour those 5am wake up sessions where Cheeks and I turn to each with a hug, a kiss and a snuggle because my baby, is just not staying a baby for long! Savour the moments – each and every up-all-night one because when they say it’s over in the blink of eye – it’s TRUE!

Until next time…
Cayman Mummy


Totally Fresh and Totally YUMMY (reblog from Eco Chic Cayman)

I LOVE the teas from Totally Fresh – they are so refreshing. I also love the fact that they provide so many nutritional benefits (perfect for a breastfeeding mama like myself). My favourite is the moringa lemongrass – I love to boil a big pot of it, add a few teaspoons of Cayman honey and ice it!

Support local agriculture and the local economy and check out Totally Fresh Cayman!

PS Thanks for this amazing review EcoChicCayman – I couldn’t have blogged any better 😉

Totally Fresh Cayman

For all you tea lovers you are in luck! Totally Fresh Cayman produces and brews the finest Moringa Loose Leaf Tea on the island! My personal favorite is the Moringa Lemongrass Iced Tea.  James Pedley, the owner, grows Moringa on his farm.  He has two signature teas Moringa and Moringa Lemongrass.  Due to limited supply herbs such as mint and basil can be requested by special order.  James is dedicated to growing the finest ingredients for his high quality island tea.  Coming soon are new tea flavors, herbs and produce.  Just this year James introduced his line of Moringa Loose Leaf Tea and Iced Tea at Camana Bay’s Farmer’s Market.  It is quickly becoming an island favorite.  Additionally, the Greenhouse Cafe was one of the first restaurants to begin serving his Moringa Lemongrass Iced Tea as a staple part of their drink menu.  It was there that I was first…

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