The Comforter

Yesterday was my laundry day. My first order of business was to strip the sheets and comforter and get those in the wash first so that I could have them nice and clean before bedtime. I went about this task like I do every weekend – almost robotically – it’s something that’s been done so many times before.

I threw the mass of warm clean sheets and the big fluffy (and finally dry comforter) on the bed when my little shadow a.k.a. Cheeks came in behind me. She raised her little arms up to be picked up and I scooped her up with a cuddle. As she looked on the bed she reached for the comforter with earnest. The bed wasn’t made, but so what? Warm sheets were made for a fun tumble so I put her on the bed and plopped right next to her for a snuggle. As I moved her off the bed, she fussed until I put the comforter on the floor so I could spread the bed. Her face lit up at the sight of our plain, brown comforter. She jumped in it, she lay on it, she rolled around on it, and watched me make the bed from it – all with a huge grin on her face. She was so sad when I moved her to spread the comforter on the bed and I was perplexed…what was with this sudden obsession with the comforter??? It’s the same one that we’ve had for years – nothing fancy, in fact, quite the opposite. But then it hit me like a ton of bricks…

It’s the comforter that I put her on for a quick diaper change and belly kiss.
It’s the comforter we tickle her on.
It’s the comforter we read her stories on.
It’s the comforter we hug and cuddle her on.
It’s the comforter we kiss her sweet cheeks on.
It’s the comforter that she is nursed on.
It’s the comforter where Daddy lays next to her until she falls asleep, before he gently places her in the crib.
It’s the comforter that Mummy snuggles with her when she wakes up at 5 am so we can both snooze for another hour.
And when she finally decides to wake up at 6 am it is with this comforter that we gaze into each others eyes with big, sleepy smiles and say without any words how much we love each other.

It’s no wonder that Cheeks wanted to reach for the comforter with all of her little might…it’s the comforter that she associates with LOVE.

How beautiful it is to see love blossom and bloom in my little girl…each child deserves their own “comforter” in their life. What’s your child’s comforter?

Until next time…
Cayman Mummy


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