Comparing ‘Natural’ Sunscreens

Great tips on natural sunscreen when you’re dealing with EXTRA HOT summers like we do here in Cayman! I will be looking into ordering some Poofy’s sunscreen – it’s the only one that looks truly natural to me ūüôā


My three children (ages 5, 3 and 1)¬†are fair skinned, with blond hair, blue eyes and a lot of Irish blood.¬†Yet, despite this,¬†I do not cover my kids in sunscreen every time they¬†go outside. On the contrary, when they are¬†outside to play, be it in the backyard or at the beach, they are without sunscreen more often than they are¬†with it. ¬†In the almost 6 years since having my oldest, only one of my children has ever had¬†a sunburn and it was minor ‚Äď the baby had been under the shade and had gotten some sun on his legs without me realizing. Why no sunscreen? Because it blocks the vitamin D that we so need and because it is not always necessary. A lot of time my kids wear rash guards and spend equal time in both the shade and in direct sunlight. My husband was a beach‚Ķ

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