First Halloween!

Halloween is one of those holidays that you either love or you hate. While I’ve never been a HUGE lover of Halloween, I do enjoy a good dress up every now and then and I appreciate the opportunity for the kiddies to get all cute! This Halloween was Cheeks’ first Halloween and I challenged myself to get craftsy with this one and make her costume. Originally, I was planning to dress her as a cat – sounds simple enough right? Yeah not so much for a beginner crafter so that was scraped and I opted for something that was a little more acheivable but just as cute – a Little Pumpkin :).

I have been dying to get Cheeks into a tutu outfit since she was in the womb…what’s the point of having a baby girl if you don’t dress her up?! Tutu outfits aren’t exactly easy to come by here in Cayman and I’ve always been a bit intimidated by making a tutu, however, fortified with a multitude of pins from pinterest I pressed on…and was able to make a pretty decent looking tutu!


I figured I’ll pair this with an adorable “My First Halloween” onesie – and I’m done! She’s super cute – pumpkin-ish and will look great for photos. Except I didn’t factor in one thing…there weren’t any “My First Halloween” onesies on island! Sooo Plan B went into effect! I took one of Cheeks’ plain white onesies, some of the leftover tulle from my tutu making escapade and grabbed my glue gun!

doing the pumpkin

After some weaving, twisting and glueing I finally got the onesie completed and of course, a tutu outfit is not complete without an oversized bow or flower to complete it! I raided this adorable fall flower from my friend Sabrina’s stash (she owns and operates Sweet Pea Personalized Gifts – such adorable stuff!!!). And voila! We were ready for Halloween!

Completed outfit

Looking forward to the process again next year!

Until next time!

Cayman Mummy


Pandora – Cayman Style!

There are lots of trends that come and go but for me and so many of my friends who are mothers, there is one trend that looks like it’s here to stay…Pandora Charm Jewelry. I LOVE my Pandora charms – and honestly, everyone I know that has one loves them too. What’s not to like? And gift giving is a cinch when you’re dealing with a Pandora gal! (Hint, hint for the men out there)

I have a dear friend who is a local jewelry maker, Ms Launa Green. She makes the most gorgeous accessories from Caymanite, which is a semi-precious stone found only in the Cayman Islands. Caymanite comes in different colours but it is almost always streaked with shades of creams, browns and greys. She also makes jewelry from conch and whelk shells too. So when Ms Launa showed me her latest creations, I immediately placed my order for Pandora charms in Caymanite, conch shell and whelk shell.


Did I say how much I LOVE my new charms?! Here are some closer pics…

Whelk Shell Charm

Conch Shell Charm

Caymanite Charm

Shop local and support this Caymanian artisan – not only are her prices reasonable but her craftmanship is out of this world. Besides – what Cayman Mummy Pandora collection would be complete without a little piece of stone or shell from Cayman?!


Cayman Mummy