First Birthday!!!

I am now the mother of a one year old. OH MY GOODNESS!!! When did that happen? How did we skip to one already?? So now it’s time for….FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! I love hosting parties – a lot more than my wallet wishes I did! For me it’s not necessarily the size of the party – but the details. With first birthdays, it pretty much is the ONLY birthday that you as a parent are guaranteed to pick a theme that YOU like. By the time a child is 2, it’s pretty clear cut what they like and it’s pretty hard to not choose something along with their taste. First Birthdays to me are all about individuality and fun. Make it about your favourite book, your favourite activity, your favourite food – just make it about you as a family unit!

For Cheeks’ first birthday, we decided to go with something that was not only unique but loads of fun! Both my husband and I LOVE comics (him a little more than me, but I NEVER miss a DC or Marvel movie) so we thought the best theme for our little Cheeks would be ONE-der Woman (Wonder Woman). The perfect way to celebrate a ONE-derful little girl ;).

If you don’t know about Etsy, you will after this blog. I think next to Pinterest, Etsy is my online obsession! I found so many amazing products that helped me to personalize Cheeks’ special day. I ordered a gorgeous personalized invitation from my personal friend Alyson of SimpAlyPapers who created a beautiful custom invitation for me (she also did my baby shower invites – she’s soo good!). I also ordered a customized first birthday guest book created by MonthsofMay (again, I’m a repeat customer of hers because she did a great job with my Christmas cards). I also ordered a fabulous commemorative birthday poster from ChalkyPrints, and all of the party labels were from QTpartydesigns. Rod at Executive Services (https://www.facebook.com/caymanexecutive) helped me with getting everything printed – local, great quality service – what more could you ask for? My Etsy orders really helped to tie in the theme that I was going for!

Alyssa bday 1
Alyssa bday 2water bottle wraps

So you remember my infatuation with tutus a while back? Yeah, I still have it! I had do a cutesy tutu for my little heroine. Unfortunately she wasn’t too pleased with the crown or arm bands so we opted for a simple headband which she still ripped off after a few minutes!

Alyssa bday 7

The superhero guests came in their regalia, and it was a sight to behold for sure! The kids had a blast playing with balloons (who would have thought??? Get as many balloons as you can – they are a hot commodity amongst the kiddies it seems). Guests enjoyed finger foods, drinks and of course, no birthday is complete without the CAKE! A One-der Woman themed cake and smash cake from CAYKE provided a sweet finish to the day.

Alyssa bday 5
Alyssa bday 6

Babies received goodie boxes of superhero themed rubber duckies with super hero food (raisins). The older kids received bags of customized crayons, super hero wrist bands and other fun goodies.

Alyssa bday 4
Alyssa bday 3

While doing a non-traditional theme is a lot of fun, it is also a lot of work. So if DIY favor tags and water bottle labels that have to be printed and cut out by hand aren’t your cup of tea, by all means hit up the party stores where everything is good to go (which is what I will probably do next year because it surely was a LOT of work). Remember – first birthdays aren’t a competition – it’s a reflection of who you are as a family! Have fun rocking out with your little ONE 😉

Until next time,

Cayman Mummy


Totally Fresh and Totally YUMMY (reblog from Eco Chic Cayman)

I LOVE the teas from Totally Fresh – they are so refreshing. I also love the fact that they provide so many nutritional benefits (perfect for a breastfeeding mama like myself). My favourite is the moringa lemongrass – I love to boil a big pot of it, add a few teaspoons of Cayman honey and ice it!

Support local agriculture and the local economy and check out Totally Fresh Cayman!

PS Thanks for this amazing review EcoChicCayman – I couldn’t have blogged any better 😉

Totally Fresh Cayman

For all you tea lovers you are in luck! Totally Fresh Cayman produces and brews the finest Moringa Loose Leaf Tea on the island! My personal favorite is the Moringa Lemongrass Iced Tea.  James Pedley, the owner, grows Moringa on his farm.  He has two signature teas Moringa and Moringa Lemongrass.  Due to limited supply herbs such as mint and basil can be requested by special order.  James is dedicated to growing the finest ingredients for his high quality island tea.  Coming soon are new tea flavors, herbs and produce.  Just this year James introduced his line of Moringa Loose Leaf Tea and Iced Tea at Camana Bay’s Farmer’s Market.  It is quickly becoming an island favorite.  Additionally, the Greenhouse Cafe was one of the first restaurants to begin serving his Moringa Lemongrass Iced Tea as a staple part of their drink menu.  It was there that I was first…

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Swim, Swim, Swim on A Summer’s Day!

So during this summer, Cheeks has started swim class, with a group of other equally adorable babies. I’ve always been of the mindset that if you live on an island, you need to know how to swim! Not only for the safety aspects but can you imagine how much fun you’ll miss out on as an older child?! I really wanted to get Cheeks comfortable in the water from an early age and thus…Baby Swim Club evolved! There are lots of amazing swim coaches on island, but we chose to go with Treasure Island Swim School because Coach Marie was so flexible with scheduling.

I have to say, so far it’s been a wonderful experience! Not only does it give Cheeks and I an opportunity to bond doing a fun activity, but it also gives us both the chance to socialize! Cheeks gets to interact with other babies her age and I get a chance to touch bases with other mummies to vent, chat about development etc. Win-Win on all sides!

Swim Class 5
All of the babies enjoying song time in the pool with their Mummies/Daddies….
(Photo courtesy of Renee High)

Looking for a fun baby swim club for your little one? Check out Coach Marie of the Treasure Island Swim School – www.aapcoaching.ky OR https://www.facebook.com/TreasureIslandSwimSchool.


Pandora – Cayman Style!

There are lots of trends that come and go but for me and so many of my friends who are mothers, there is one trend that looks like it’s here to stay…Pandora Charm Jewelry. I LOVE my Pandora charms – and honestly, everyone I know that has one loves them too. What’s not to like? And gift giving is a cinch when you’re dealing with a Pandora gal! (Hint, hint for the men out there)

I have a dear friend who is a local jewelry maker, Ms Launa Green. She makes the most gorgeous accessories from Caymanite, which is a semi-precious stone found only in the Cayman Islands. Caymanite comes in different colours but it is almost always streaked with shades of creams, browns and greys. She also makes jewelry from conch and whelk shells too. So when Ms Launa showed me her latest creations, I immediately placed my order for Pandora charms in Caymanite, conch shell and whelk shell.


Did I say how much I LOVE my new charms?! Here are some closer pics…

Whelk Shell Charm

Conch Shell Charm

Caymanite Charm

Shop local and support this Caymanian artisan – not only are her prices reasonable but her craftmanship is out of this world. Besides – what Cayman Mummy Pandora collection would be complete without a little piece of stone or shell from Cayman?!


Cayman Mummy