The Now Ever So Popular…Gender Reveal!

I’m seeing more and more people jump on the gender reveal trend and I have to say, I LOVE this idea. People are always excited to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl…and why not do it in a fun way?! When I was still pregnant, I didn’t see anyone on island doing gender reveals, but was reading about how this trend was picking up in other countries.  As a hobby baker, I decided I would make my very own gender reveal cake, and with lots of posts on facebook, I was hoping this was a trend that would pick up on island.  Needless to say, it has and I’ve now seen more parents-to-be opting for this cool trend!

Personally I love the concept of using a baked goodie – cake, cupcakes or even cookies to reveal your little one’s gender.  This is for obvious reasons – I LOVE to bake! Gender Reveal cakes are a fun way for the parents-to-be, extended family and friends to find out what gender the baby (or babies) are! Traditionally, the ultrasound results are delivered to the baker, who will bake a pink or blue cake and ice it in a very gender neutral way.  The only way to find out what gender baby is – is to slice the cake!  It’s a fun surprise for everyone involved.  I was a little unconventional because I was my own baker.  So when we did our gender reveal, my husband and I knew the results but we waited for a few days and announced the big reveal at a family gathering. 

It was so much fun to experience all of the Old Wives Tales, having people feel the baby bump, inspect the shape, ask about cravings and other pregnancy things to figure out if they could accurately guess what gender this baby is!

I LOVE Bee themed baby shower ideas and thought it would be fun to do a bee themed gender reveal cake.  This is the cake I made:


And by now everyone knows the result of this reveal…as a slice inside of the cake revealed that Cheeks is a GIRL!


Everytime I find out that a friend or family member is expecting, I encourage them to do a gender reveal, if for no other reason than the amount of fun it is for all involved.  Baked goodies (as I mentioned before) is my favourite way to do a gender reveal but I’ve seen some really brilliant ideas out on blogs, websites and other social media.  These include:

  • Having pink or blue balloons placed in a box, and the parents-to-be open the box and whatever colour balloons fly out, you know what baby is.
  • Playing a “boy” vs. a “girl” song for family and friends to reveal baby’s gender.
  • Placing pink or blue confetti in balloons or a pinata – pop it open to see what baby is expected to be.
  • Parents-to-be are given a present, based on what is inside the present (pink vs. blue onesie, hair bow vs. bow tie etc.) they know if a boy or girl is on the way.
  • Painting party – pop open the can of paint to have a paint fight, and whatever colour the paint is, is the expected gender.
  • Putting a hair bow or a bow tie on the baby’s ultrasound picture and present it in a gender neutral envelope.

Those are just a few of the very cool, and in some cases, quirky gender reveals I’ve come across.  Pregnancy had lots of fun experiences for me…and the gender reveal was just the first of many celebrations that we’ve had for and with our daughter. Treasure each memory and moment!  Until next time…

Cayman Mummy