Comparing ‘Natural’ Sunscreens

Great tips on natural sunscreen when you’re dealing with EXTRA HOT summers like we do here in Cayman! I will be looking into ordering some Poofy’s sunscreen – it’s the only one that looks truly natural to me 🙂


My three children (ages 5, 3 and 1) are fair skinned, with blond hair, blue eyes and a lot of Irish blood. Yet, despite this, I do not cover my kids in sunscreen every time they go outside. On the contrary, when they are outside to play, be it in the backyard or at the beach, they are without sunscreen more often than they are with it.  In the almost 6 years since having my oldest, only one of my children has ever had a sunburn and it was minor – the baby had been under the shade and had gotten some sun on his legs without me realizing. Why no sunscreen? Because it blocks the vitamin D that we so need and because it is not always necessary. A lot of time my kids wear rash guards and spend equal time in both the shade and in direct sunlight. My husband was a beach…

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Express Yourself!

If you’re a working mom like me, you probably have to do the dreaded “expressing” while at work. Breaking out the breast pump at work or at home to pump during the night/on the weekends can be very tedious. I’ve been working full time and expressing milk for over 4 months now to maintain what Cheeks needs while at daycare and sometimes I just wish I was still on maternity leave so I can just let her enjoy her milk straight from the tap! When I initially hit that “I really don’t feel like pumping right now” mood, I knew I didn’t have a choice but I decided to come up with things that I can make part of my expressing routine to make it mommy down time. Here are my “Top 5 Things To Do – While Expressing Breastmilk” 😉 – hope it gives you a chuckle!

1.) Eat or Drink (or both). Sometimes work and home life can be so hectic, moms just don’t have the time to eat and drink water the way they should. Eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of healthy fluids is important for any new mom but especially breastfeeding moms – we have to refuel our tanks and recharge our batteries or else, we can risk compromising our very precious milk supply. So take a breather, sit down and enjoy lunch and a nice, cool drink!

2.) Catch up on your Facebook posts. I used to be such a facebook junkie and now I barely check it the way I used to. Use this time to reconnect with friends and family. Or, if you’re anything like me, post updated pics of how your adorable little baby is growing! Checking out previous posts of your little one will definitely help during the expressing process as well and bring a sweet smile to your face in the middle of a hectic day.

3.) Play Candy Crush. Or Angry Birds. Or whatever other game you like to play. Sometimes as moms we don’t have time to unwind. So take a few minutes and do something completely mindless and ENJOY it.

4.) Catch up on a new book or your favourite magazine. I used to be an avid reader before Cheeks came along. Magazines and trashy novels were my favourite although I like to read almost anything. Just like playing games, it’s a great way for you to unwind and have some time that just for you.

5.) Catch up on your favourite TV shows. Whether its getting through the shows on your DVR or catching up on your favourite series on Netflix or Hulu – take some time to catch up on something that is what YOU like to watch. I especially like to do this when I’m expressing on weekends and I can take advantage of Daddy Duty between feeds.

Whatever your expressing routine is – look at it as an escape into you’re own private world rather than being hooked up to a milk machine – trust me you’ll be enjoying your pump sessions (or at least tolerating them a bit better) before you know it. Know that there are lots of other mommies just like you, taking snippets out of their day to express the liquid gold their little ones need. Keep up the great work!
Until next time!
Cayman Mummy