“Mommy, Somebody Needs You.”

This blog post really tugged at my heart strings – because it could have been written by me, by any of my friends, or any of my blog readers! Please take a moment to visit yourbestnestindy’s blog (http://yourbestnestindy.com) – she has some great reads one there!

Being a Mother is a 24/7 job – it almost feels like the whole process of child-rearing rests squarely and solely on the shoulders of a mother! However, in between the hustle and bustle of daily life and Mommy duties, it’s taking the time to realize that this too shall pass. Instead, make an effort to take in the moment – because in a flash your little one will be grown up and they won’t “need” Mommy anymore! This is a parental viewpoint I try live by – especially those days when I’ve had a sleepless night, a long day at work and Cheeks is screaming her head off for who knows what reason. What I want to do is lock myself in the bathroom and say “Calgon, take me away!” What I actually do is take a deep breath, make everything and everyone else WAIT and use it as an opportunity to make a memory with Cheeks. Because one day, I’m going to want her to need me when she doesn’t!

Until next time,
Cayman Mummy

“Mommy, Somebody Needs You.”.

via "Mommy, Somebody Needs You.".


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